Are African Fat Tailed Geckos Good Pets?

Fat-Tailed African Geckos are becoming common household pets. They are tame, long-lived pets which make them a good choice for owners around the world.

Are Fat-Tailed African Gecko good pets? Fat-Tailed African Geckos are good pets. They are calm and receptive to their owners and are suitable for beginners and first-time owners. Their calm nature has given rise to their popularity.

If you decide that a Fat-Tailed African Gecko is the right pet for you, you should know that there is much to learn about this species and how to care for it properly.

Fat-Tailed African Gecko as Pets

This species of geckos are good for all reptile lovers, especially for first-time pet owners and beginners due to their calm and docile feature. In addition to being friendly and docile, geckos have simple feeding requirements.

This lizard species are not known for their climbing abilities which is an advantage for first-time owners as the Fat-Tailed African Gecko cannot climb the walls of a terrarium, so they can’t escape from their tanks.


When baby Fat-Tails hatch, they are 2 inches long. Typical gecko species can grow up to two feet, this species grow to a length of between 7 and 9 inches. The male is smaller than the female gecko. Both can easily fit in your hand and are fairly easy to handle.

When handling the lizard, the recommended method is to reach down your hand slowly with the palm facing up. Don’t reach over them as this could cause a predatory reaction and put stress on them unnecessarily. Additionally, never grab the lizard by its tail. If scared or surprised, the Fat Tail can drop its tail – which grows back but could give rise to an infection.


These reptiles are not typically found in local pet stores, they can be purchased alternatively through online breeders. The prices vary greatly for the African Fat-Tailed Gecko due to their appearance and breeder. Some only cost $75 while others can cost as much as $500 USD.

The diversity in breeds of this lizard can be seen in a variety of colors (morphs). The prices will depend on the age and color of the Fat Tail. The most common method is to buy them online through breeders, who can ship the animals anywhere (in the U.S.). It might be a different process for other regions.


The temperament and requirements for each lizard are different. Some lizards are sociable and enjoy being handled, meanwhile, other lizard species are timid and will become stressed when handled. Compared to its leopard counterpart, the Fat Tail have a calm and easygoing temperament. They are lethargic in their movements and are receptive to being held by their owners.

These creatures have the ability to take on interesting personalities, albeit their initial nature is shy and timid. If you are interested in having a personable gecko, it is best to normalize frequent handling of your lizard to help them become familiar with this notion and comfortable in being held more regularly.


When cared for and looked after properly, the gecko can grow into a wondrous companion. They can live a beautiful and healthy life for more than 20 years.

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